Enjoy first-class treatment during labour and delivery

courtesy of the CMCM

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Partner accommodation

Fees covered by the basic package, called RÉGIME COMMUN.

Prenatal RHD foetal genotyping test

CMCM contribution of up to €50 via the RÉGIME COMMUN.

Physiotherapy and medications

Covered 3 months before and up to 6 months after treatment, via the RÉGIME COMMUN.

First-class room

Covered in the event of delivery or premature delivery or complications, via PRESTAPLUS.

Medical fees in first-class

Covered via PRESTAPLUS.

In-vitro fertilisation

CMCM contribution of up to €450 per attempt via the RÉGIME COMMUN.

Prenatal detection of trisomies 13, 18 and 21

CMCM contribution of up to €100 via the RÉGIME COMMUN.



As a member
of the CMCM,
you will benefit
from optimal coverage

of medical and hospitalisation costs,
as well as other pregnancy-related costs
JOIN THE CMCM COMMUNITY and become a member today.
Everyone is welcome.
No medical screening required.
No additional fees for partners and children.
Three-month waiting period for all new members.
No exclusion or restrictions based on age.

The CMCM is your partner for HEALTH.


Our basic package, known as the RÉGIME COMMUN, offers coverage in the event of hospitalization, surgery and medical-dental treatments, as well as worldwide assistance during your travels abroad.


The PRESTAPLUS higher premium, provides reimbursement for first-class hospital accommodation and medical fees and also ensures coverage of ambulance transportation, orthopaedical footwear and preventative medicine.


The DENTA & OPTIPLUS higher premium, offers optimal coverage for dental and optical costs.


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